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A display device is an output device for presentation of information in visual. Choose it carefully because it will be the thing you will be stairing at the whole day.

There are mainly 4 factors to consider about display -



(e.g. LCD, LED, Amoled,...)


(e.g. 4.5", 5", 5.5", 6",...)


(e.g. 720*1280, 1444*1920,...)


(e.g. Gorila Glass 1,2,3,...)

TFT LCD: Less production cost, increased contrast and performes well in sunlight. But demands high energy, less impressive viewing angles and color reproduction.\r\nIPS LCD: Improved version of TFT LCD.\r\nOLED: Less energy demands and higher production cost. But does not performe well in sunlight.\r\nAMOLED: Improved version of OLED with Higher refresh rate.\r\nSuper AMOLED: Even improved version of AMOLED made by samsung.

4.5": Best for common use, totaly fits in a hand.\r\n5": Best for office use, easily fits in a hand.\r\n5.5": Best for entertainment, fits in a hand.\r\n6": Best for production, barely fits in a hand.

This is a key feature so choose it carefully

1280x720: 720p, HD.\r\n1920x1080: 1080p, FHD.\r\n2560x1440: 2k, Quad HD.\r\n3840x2160: 4k, Ultra HD.\r\n4096x2160: Cinema 4k, True 4k.

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